Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by. My name is Emily Smith, I am 14 years old and will be turning 15 on July 7. I have a brother(Andrew) that is 17. I live on a farm in Lousiana. Me and Andrew both have one horse, mine is a black Arabian named Midnight and Andrews is a brown Thoroughbred named Marley. We have 10 Chickens, 8 Cows, 3 Pigs, 3 Cats, 4 Goats, and 2 Dogs. This blog will be about random things, I will post things about me, my life, and I will put my email at the end of this so people can send in stories they wrote and I will post them(the stories can be about anything you want), you just put your name or pen name and your age and I will put them up. I hope you like this blog and will visit often, this is my first blog so I will try as hard as I can to make this an amazing blog.
Thanks,                                                                                                                                                                                            -Emily
P.S. My email is emilysmith3071@gmail.com, please send in your stories I love to read other peoples work 🙂